New workflows and ambient sounds for your Alexa

New workflows

Introducing 6 new room based workflows, you can easily group all the smart devices and services based on their location and trigger them all with one simple command on the platforms you like.

On the Alexa platform, you can say “Alexa, ask Mosaic to turn on kitchen”

Your Hue lights turns on, Nest warms up your home, today’s weather forecast is read to you, then you will hear your tesla battery level and mile range report, finally with a brief summary of the google calendar events.

You can now turn off any workflow on Facebook Messenger, Slack or SMS, for example “turn off kitchen” will help you manage all the lights in the kitchen area from anywhere.

Ambient sounds

Ambient sounds have become popular among Alexa users, we found this to be a perfect match with our Mosaic’s workflows. In this new version, you can add one ambient sound to a workflow by clicking the workflow name, then choosing “sound” from the device and service list.

Once added to the workflow, you can choose the ambient sound type and duration in the right config panel (see the following). More crafted ambient sounds are coming. So far, campfire is my favorite one, let me know yours :)

For a full list of other commands you can use, please visit info page at Mosaic.

Have fun!

Cheng from Mosaic

AI evangelist, engineer, entrepreneur, YC alum, clubhouse @satorii

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