Brand new way to digest the daily news with Alexa.

Introducing a new feature from Mosaic, the news. It enables you digest and engage with the news you care about in a brand new way.

With Mosaic, Alexa will list the most noteworthy headlines accompanied by brief, yet concise descriptions. With just a few simple words, the full length article you want to later digest will be saved in your Facebook Messenger for another time.

Context change, Experience stay

Voice interface is rising fast! Amazon’s Alexa is proof, with over seven millions devices in households and more than 10,000 voice enabled skills available. Bringing convenience into the home for consuming news, music, audiobooks and controlling a variety of smart home gadgets. However, this experience is restricted to the home or office environment where there is Alexa powered devices.

Providing a seamless experience of delivering right content at the right time across multiple platforms and devices is currently overlooked when facing so many digital interfaces. You can find a deeper analysis of designing consistent, continuous and complementary voice experience here.

With Mosaic, you can leverage the hands free voice interface at home and on the go. Giving you the ability to access the same rich contents and services through multiple platforms, making for a convenient, reliable and seamless experience.

Save for later, Save your time

Our reading habits are changing fast. In 2016, over 62% of adults in the United States retrieved their news from social media, based on a study from Pew Research. Users have grown accustomed to getting information this way, and not just through social network channels, but in bursts from television, radio and the emerging technologies like Alexa and Google Assistant.

With the introduction of Mosaic’s News feature, you can leverage the hands free voice interface to quickly go over the most recent top news while handling other tasks, such as making coffee or preparing breakfast in the morning.

Engage with important news

With the flash briefing available on Alexa, you can get a variety of news from different sources. But navigating to the news you actually want is more tedious than it should be, not to mention gaining quick access to specific news from specific sources. Mosaic enables you to use voice to get instantaneous news from distinct sources and quickly navigate to the next one or get further details. Only the news you care about will be sent and saved in your Facebook Messenger for further reading and sharing.

History matters

You can always come back to refresh your memory. Search for an old article you previously read in Facebook Messenger archives. Each news story you save will be stored as cards in the chat history.

Mosaic Account, Alexa, Facebook Messenger

Triggering the News

The news service is enabled for all Mosaic users for free. Once linked the Mosaic account to your Alexa, you can either get on demand news or run it through a powerful Mosaic routine, like Good Morning.

Here is how to trigger a Mosaic Good Morning routine;

“Alexa, ask mosaic to run good morning”

Good Morning workflow from Mosaic

To get the on demand news, please set your news preference at your Mosaic profile. Then try some of the following commands:

“Ask Mosaic to read news”

“Ask Mosaic to read technology/business/sport/science/entertainment news”

The following picture shows several supported news source you can try, you can also find a full list in your profile.

“Ask Mosaic to read news from Washington Post”

Conversation with the news

Upon triggering Mosaic’s news service, the skill starts a conversation with you by reading the first news headline and ask you for options of hearing more details about this news or skip to the next one.

You can simply reply “read more”, “read again” or “next”.

Interested in one article and want to digest later? No problem, just say “send me the article”, a clickable card contains the description and links to this article will shows up in your Facebook Messenger (adding Mosaic bot to your Facebook Messenger).

Then no matters if it is during commute time or a coffee break, click the card will provides you the full article you “saved” through your Alexa.

Want to receive the news articles in Slack and other channel? Let us know @ Mosaic

Got some feedback? Just ping me.

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